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ross castle ireland
B&W photo of two women in a parked convertible.
A black and white portrait of a migrant girl on the US Mexico border
A group of Nawarddeken women elders hunt for turtles with homemade tools on floodplains near Gunbalanya, Arnhem Land, Australia on 31 October 2021. They spent all day finding just two turtles, which are a popular delicacy. Soon the grass will be burned to make the hunt easier.
black and white photo of a woman's skirt flutters in the wind as she stands on a pier
A single purple flower growing by cement wall reaching up to the sky on a sunny day
Man leans against a huge rhino in africa
Two people on an orange, blue, and tan basketball court, from above.
A collage showing the various regional winning shots from the 2022 World Press Photo Contest.
Portrait of a young women wearing face paint showing the Ukraine flag.