A Ferris Wheel glows in the twilight. Orange skies greet a new dawn. Baskets of apples signal that the seasons are changing. In the blink of an eye, summer has flown by. August winds down, vacations are over, and it’s back to work/school. These are our favorite reader-submitted photos that pay homage to warm evenings, an abundance of sunshine, and the general carefree spirit that characterize this time of year. 

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Lead image by Tejus Shah. See more of Tejus’ work here.

Ventura County fair

ferris wheel
See more of Susi’s work here. Susi Manners

What’s more summery than a state or county fair? We can smell the funnel cakes, hear the shrieks of laughter, and feel the stickiness of the cotton candy on our fingers. Susi Manners takes us on one last Ferris Wheel ride into the sunset. 

Sunflower sunset

sunflower field at sunset
See more of David’s work here. David Bruner

David Bruner’s photo takes me back to my last Provençal adventure on the storied Valensole plateau, where lavender and sunflowers seem to abound endlessly.

Strawberry moon

strawberry moon
See more of Paula’s work here. Paula Gallagher Brown

There’s something special about sitting outside on a warm evening to watch a moonrise. Paula Gallagher Brown captures the wonder, mystery, and might in a single frame. 


beach sunset with birds
See more of Frank’s work here. Frank Venditti

Frank Venditti segues us into fall with these birds in flight. Perhaps they’re off to find warmer weather, ready to nest for the winter. 

An apple a day

apples roadside fruit stand
See more of Robert’s work here. Robert Lalancette

A sure sign fall is on the way? Apples. Especially if you live on the East Coast. Autumn surely promises a day in an orchard, eating as many apple cider doughnuts as you can muster, picking more fruit than you know what to do with, and wearing too much flannel. Robert Lalancette brings it all to mind with his image of this roadside stand.