You know what they say: Less is more. With the Minimalist Photography Award winners recently announced, we thought it would be the perfect time to challenge our readers to share their most minimalistic work. This week’s winners showed us the abstract and the bold—but above all, that a good image doesn’t need to be complicated to make a statement. 

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Lead image by Chip Kalback. See more of Chip’s work here

Alligator tail 

alligator tail
See more of Raymond’s work here. Raymond Choo

There must be something in the water—or, at least, Raymond Choo’s local pond. So watch out! Lurking just beneath the surface is a potentially hungry ‘gator.

Purple heart 

purple flower
See more of David’s work here. David Terao

With a punch of purple at a local garden, David Terao delivers a stunningly simple floral portrait. The vibrant yellow and violet colors against a dark background create an air of dramatic mystery. 

Siena at rest 

dog on circle red rug
See more of Walter’s work here. Walter Smith

Walter Smith captures his dog in a quiet moment after a frenzy of play. Though the colors are bold, the geometric shapes lend a minimalist touch.

Boy at play 

boy playing with giant soccer ball
See more of Gary’s work here. Gary Gustafson

Gary Gustafson’s joyful image feels like something straight out of Dalí’s playbook.

Deep & dark

white orchids black background
See more of Amina’s work here. Amina Seit

A cascade of brilliant white orchids spill into an abyss of sorrow. Amina Seit captures despair—but also the beauty of hope. 

Urban lights

LACMA Urban Light
See more of EkeMoku’s work here. EkeMoku on Instagram

Instagram user EkeMoku presents a more abstract look at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s installation, Urban Light. With only the bases visible, one must rely on the shadows for a clue.