Fake Nikon D800E

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Fake Nikon D800E
If you look carefully, you can see that this is not actually a Nikon D800E DSLR Stan Horaczek

If there’s a popular product out there, people will find a way to counterfeit it, and apparently even DSLRs are no exception. Nikon Europe has released a notice warning users about potentially modified or even counterfeit DSLR cameras.

The short notice describes some of the modified cameras that have come through Nikon service centers recently. Most of the cameras seem to be lower models with badges swapped to make them look more high end. For instance, D4 bodies are being passed off as D4S bodies and the D800 can be made to look like a D800E. More interesting, though, is that apparently some folks are trying to pass off D7100 bodies as D610 bodies, which is a camera with an entirely different sensor size.

If you’re buying a camera through a reputable and authorized dealer, stuff like this shouldn’t be an issue, but counterfeiting does seem to be something that’s concerning camera companies more and more. Canon has been campaigning hard in past months to try and educate people about how to tell legitimate Canon products from the knockoffs.

So, as always, be careful out there and buy from a place you trust.