As the DSLR market continues to wind down—Canon recently confirmed that the 1D X Mark III will be its last flagship DSLR and Nikon will soon retire its flagship APS-C DSLR, the D500—one thing is clear, mirrorless cameras are here to stay. And if you need any confirmation, Nikon just released its medium-term management plan, in which it projects an impressive increase in production and development of mirrorless products over the course of the next 2.5 years.

Nikon's medium-term management plan announces a focus on the mirrorless market.
Nikon’s medium-term management plan announces a focus on the mirrorless market. Nikon

Nikon plans to offer 50+ Z-mount lenses

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According to the company’s newly-published management plan, the focus is clearly on mirrorless products, with the aim of expanding the mirrorless lens lineup to over 50 lenses by 2025. Currently, Nikon had a total of 35 lenses on its roadmap (including 28 available lenses, four teleconverters, and three planned releases), so this means Z-mount shooters can expect an additional 15+ lenses over the next two and half years.

The brand also mentions a desire for Z-mount shooters to own two or more lenses by 2025. And vastly expanding the native lens lineup is potentially one way to achieve this.

Nikon will also be enhancing its entire mirrorless camera range with tech borrowed from the formidable flagship Nikon Z9, writing that it will “deploy advanced features from the Z9 across the lineup.”  The brand also notes plans to raise the average selling price of imaging products by 20% (which is much more reasonable than Fujfilm’s planned price hikes). 

Additionally, the company will prioritize the improvement of video functions, remote shooting capabilities, and automatic capture, as well as its app. (This is great news, as I feel the SnapBridge app leaves much to be desired.)

Nikon's plan also involves heavy investment in sustainability.
Nikon’s plan also involves heavy investment in sustainability. Nikon

The Nikon sustainability focus

Expanding its mirrorless lens lineup is just one part of Nikon’s ambitious plan. Further reading reveals the brand is also making deep commitments to sustainability in their business, acknowledging that this is now a priority in today’s society. 

Among the lofty (but attainable) goals is to cut the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 47 percent compared to 2013. There will also be an emphasis on promoting resource circulation, preventing pollution, and conserving ecosystems. So what might that look like?  Nikon says it wants to bolster sales of refurbished equipment. The company is also making a commitment to creating products that will be more durable and energy-efficient.