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Storage devices may not be as fun to buy as new camera bodies or lenses. But, proper storage and backup is crucial for any creative. Need proof? Just ask anyone who has ever lost big chunks of their catalogs or archives due to a crash or some other tragedy. Amazon’s Prime Day offers an excellent opportunity to save money on just about every kind of storage device. Are you looking for a super-fast portable SSD for editing on the move? They’re on-sale. Or maybe you need a larger desktop drive to house bigger collections. You can save on those, too.

We have whittled down this list into some of the best SSDs and hard drives at discounted prices for Prime Day 2022.

WD 16TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive HDD, USB 3.0 $249 (was $295)

Sometimes all you need is a huge, powered drive to sit on your desk and gobble up every bit of media and document you can throw at it. That’s exactly what this WD Elements drive does. I have been using these for several years as my basic backups and I haven’t had one fail yet (knock on wood, of course). They’re relatively quiet, take up a reasonable amount of space on your desk, and have a massive amount of storage to hold an entire photo archive.

SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD $199 (was $234)



Editing off of an external SSD makes life a lot simpler. Dump your photos or videos directly to this drive instead of your computers internal drive. The 1,050 MB/s read speed and 1,000 MB/s write speed allow you to edit images and footage straight off of the device. Keeping your computer’s internal storage free leaves more room for your editing program to work without getting jammed up. Despite its speed and high capacity, this device weighs less than two ounces, so it’s easy to throw in any gear bag or even a pocket if you’re adventurous.

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