As the war in Ukraine continues, the Ukrainian government’s latest efforts have turned to raising a drone army. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and UNITED24, the country is calling for ‘dronations’ to aid the military in combating attacks through intelligence gathering. And folks who do donate a drone to Ukraine can even specify how it’s used. Here’s how you can help.

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Ukraine is gathering an ‘army of drones’

The campaign seeks to raise money to purchase 200 tactical, unmanned reconnaissance drones for the first, second, and third front lines spanning 1,535 miles. The project encompasses the procurement, training, and maintenance of the equipment. The government aims to purchase drones that will fly up to 24 hours, 100 miles, and at an altitude of three miles. The drones will need to be equipped with GPS modules, mapping software, and thermographic cameras. 

How to donate a drone

However, simpler drones are also needed, and UNITED24 is calling for donations. Though the drones need not be new, it is essential that they are in good working order and meet the following conditions:

  • Quadcopters 
  • 5000 mAh lipo battery; 30 minute charge
  • 1 km flight range minimum
  • 20mp camera
  • 5280×3956 photo resolution; 3840×2160 video resolution
  • Joystick and remote control preferred 
  • Bonus: thermographic camera

Those wishing to donate a drone can find more information here. UNITED24 requests that the drones are sent in their original packaging, if possible, so that the models are easily identifiable. There are drop points in New Jersey and Poland. 

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What is UNITED24?

UNITED24 is an initiative launched by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy with the intent of collecting charitable donations, which are allocated to pressing needs by relevant government ministries.

Those who wish to contribute can choose their cause: defense and demining; medical aid; and reconstruction. The website provides full and transparent reports about the use of funds.