Check Out NASA's 1.5-Billion Pixel Image From the Hubble Telescope

You need a heck of a zoom lens to photograph a subject that's 2.5-million light-years away

NASA 1.5-billion pixel photo hubble telescope

NASA 1.5-billion pixel photo hubble telescope

NASA has a well-documented history of creating amazing imagery in their efforts to explore the vast expanse of space. Their latest achievement is a 1.5-billion pixel image that depicts the Andromeda galaxy as seen by the Hubble telescope.

The final image takes up more than 4 GB of total storage and required 7,398 individual exposures that were later stitched together into one massive photo. The final resolution checks in at a massive 69,536 x 22, 230.

Obviously, viewing it at full resolution--even on one of those sweet 5K monitors--is impossible, so you can zoom around the image using this utility on the Hubble site. It's also just a little too big for Instagram.

It's an impressive achievement for NASA and a neat way to spend a few minutes zooming around the galaxy.