burger shoes

Adidas’ MiZX Flux app, which allows uses to design custom Adidas shoes using photos from their phones, has finally opened up ordering for customers in the United States. The app was first announced last spring, and has been available for download for the last few months, but until recently the awsome custom kicks you created with MiZX could only live in the digital space.

MiZX is available for iOS and Android and is easy to use. You select your size, country and gender, take a photo or select one from your phone’s storage and then scale and place the image on the shoe. MiZX then gives you a 360° preview of what the sneakers will look like and an order option for $110. If you are indecisive (like I am) you can save your designs in the apps “Shoebox” until you decide on the perfect picture. Images need to be shot with a camera with over 5 megapixels in order to print on the shoes—probably Adidas’ way of making sure people aren’t trying to print things they’ve screengrabbed from the web.


_A pair of shoes designed from an old Instagram photo. _

To safeguard against stolen designs Adidas also runs everything through a legal moderation team before they print. According to the FAQ of the app, designs submitted that are text heavy, branded with a company name, use images of celebrities or are considered indecent will be rejected–so downloading a bunch of hacked celerbity nudes and trying to print them on your shoes won’t fly.

I’ve had a lot of fun messing with app using the photos stored in my camera roll and, with a little creativity, I think the MiZX Flux app could create some pretty incredible looking shoes.

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