Adidas Will Soon Print Your Instagram Photos Onto Sneakers

It's like a desktop wallpaper for your feet

Recently, Adidas posted a video to their Instagram showing off a Photo Print app for the ZX Flux shoes that will allow users to customize their shoes by printing their Instagram photos directly onto their exterior.

Last year, Nike introduced a program that made custom sneakers using colors from your Instagram photos, but this takes it one huge step further. The app isn’t scheduled to hit until August, but until then, you can spend time shooting shoe-specific Instagram photos that you want to wear around all day.

The general consensus in the group chat is that this is a horrible idea that will result in a lot of really awful-looking shoes. Personally, however, I think it’s an awesome idea….that will result in a lot of really awful-looking shoes.

If shoes aren’t wacky enough for you, here’s a list of other interesting objects you can have made from your Instagram photos.