Penguin ready to slap another penguin
Penguin pointing, an entry from the 2108 Comedy Wildlife Awards. Achim Sterna

One of our favorite photo competitions, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, is now accepting photographs for its 2019 competition.

Although award-winning wildlife photographs tend to have a majestic feel to them, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards veer in a different direction. The photo competition celebrates exactly what it sounds like it does: wild animals captured in hilarious ways.

Manatee guffaw
Big mouthed seal, an entry from the 2108 Comedy Wildlife Awards. Amy Kennedy

Interested photographers can submit up to six images and two video clips in the following categories: Creatures of Land, Creatures of Air, Underwater Creatures, Photo Junior (for photographers under 16), Amazing Internet Portfolio ( a collection of at least four images), and Video Category. Photos shot on smartphones are welcome. You have until June 30 to enter.

Last year’s competition turned out some pretty epic frames and we’re looking forward to seeing what this year has in store.

As always, the primary goal of the competition is to promote wildlife conservation and this year the organizers are looking at some of the small things that people can do daily to make a positive impact on the environment. Some tips include shopping responsibly and decreasing water use at home.

brown bear headache
This bear just can’t anymore. Danielle D’Ermo

Check out these stories from our archives to get yourself started:

With this in mind, we’d like to remind you to use your head when photographing wild animals. Although they may be doing something hilarious, capturing images of wild creatures isn’t the same as shooting photos of a friendly house cat. Keep a safe distance, don’t disturb any aspects of their habitat, and if you happen to be shooting in a sanctuary or a zoo, do not cross any barriers to get that shot.