A new video from Adobe’s Lightroom team teases an upcoming Lightroom feature that could be a major boost for a photographer’s workflow. Very soon shooters will be able to directly import photos into Lightroom on iPad and iPhone—simplifying an annoying two-step process process into a single step.

Adobe Lightroom import function
Adobe says that by the end of the year photographers will be able to import photos from their camera directly to their tablet to edit in Lightroom. Adobe

In the video Lightroom Product Manager, Tom Hogarty, demonstrates the simplified method for getting your images onto your tablet. Plug a drive or card reader into your tablet and the new Lightroom will detect the new device. From there you can select the images that you want to add—including RAW files—and start editing. Ultimately it seems like the new feature will make the desktop to mobile workflow that Adobe has been working on these last few years a lot more seamless.

According to Hogarty the new feature should be available through the cloud by the end of the year.