Loupedeck’s plug-and-play editing console, the Loupedeck Creative Tool, can now be customized to work with any application thanks to a new feature called Loupedeck Profile Creator.

The new feature will allow users to create custom profiles for the console and program custom actions and adjustments for the various knobs on the Loupedeck—no programming skills necessary. In addition to the launch of the customizable profiles, the console now features a native integration with Streamlabs software popular with many live streamers.

Loupedeck is offering sample Custom Profiles for programs like DaVinci Resolve 16, Avid Pro Tools 12.7.1, Photo Mechanic, Apple Logic Pro X, Serato DJ Pro, and more to help get users started.

Users who are using the Loupedeck Creative Tool with Streamlabs will be able to switch between scenes, hide unwanted sources, control audio levels and use the console as a live video mixer while streaming. It’s a handy feature to have in a time when streaming platforms like Twitch have seen surging usage numbers during social distancing.

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