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There is a charming lo-fi quality that comes with shooting with a disposable camera—the major drawback of course is that you’re limited to the single roll of film that comes pre-loaded inside. Reloadable cameras that mimic the plastic disposable party cameras have been on the market for a while now, but this one comes pre-loaded with a roll of Lomography’s funky LomoChrome Metropolis film.

Sample images from the Lomography reusable simple use Metropolis film camera
Sample images from the Lomography reusable simple use Metropolis film camera. Mika Sheun

The simple use reloadable camera has a 31mm fixed lens, a shutter speed of 1/120 second, a fixed aperture of f/9 and a built-in flash. The camera also features three colored gels that can slide over the flash for adding a pop of color to the frame. The film has a sensitivity range from 100-400 ISO and can be developed with standard C41 color processing. Once you’ve shot through the pre-loaded roll, you simply pop open the back of the camera and load in a new one. We don’t expect this little camera to have the kind of longevity that a traditional film point-and-shoot might have, but being able to run a few additional rolls through it is certainly appealing. Check out Lomography’s guide for swapping out film rolls here.

The LomoChrome Metropolis simple use camera is available now for $23.