Lavalier (or lapel) microphones used to be more enticing in theory than they were in reality. Bad sound quality, short battery life, and clunky transmitters made them more of a nuisance than a practical audio solution. However, developments in the technology now allow for great wireless sound, relatively discrete transmitters, and decent battery life. Many broadcasters, vloggers, streamers, and YouTubers use wireless lavalier microphone systems to take the distraction of the clunky handheld or desktop microphone out of the picture. Most packages come with one or two microphones with matching transmitters and one receiver. Below are some of our top picks for wireless lavalier microphone setups, as well as tips for what to look for before adding to your cart. 

  • If you’re looking to record on the go without having to go through multiple setups, you’ll want to find a wireless lavalier package that is lightweight and unobtrusive. Carrying around a cumbersome transmitter can drag on any personality, and a heavy receiver can make the cameraman’s work even more nearly impossible. Look out for the weight of the receiver, as well as the mic pack, on the item listing.
  • Two extremely important factors to consider when looking at wireless lavalier microphone systems are range and latency. Range determines how far the transmitter can be from the receiver before the sound breaks up, while latency determines how great a delay there is between capturing the sound from the microphone and transmitting it to a receiver. The ideal microphone has a longer range to allow a greater distance between subject and receiver, and a lower latency to reduce gaps in the sound—especially when recording video.
  • One major drawback of wireless lavalier microphone systems is that they put you at the mercy of a limited battery life. The average time offered by decent packages is around seven to eight hours, but others double that. You’ll likely want to keep a supply of batteries nearby if you plan to do extensive recording with a wireless microphone system.

Our Picks for the Best Wireless Lavalier Microphones on Amazon

Top pick overall: Shure BLX14/CVL Wireless Microphone System

Long Lasting

This package includes one mic, one transmitter, and one receiver. It offers great sound quality and decent range, but its battery life (of up to 14 hours) is the real attraction.

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Runner up: Rode Wireless Go

Most Portable

This system is perfect for journalists and vloggers who are on the go. That’s thanks to an extremely compact receiver and transmitters that all weigh in at just over an ounce apiece.

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Great for distances: Sennheiser Omni-directional Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

More Autonomy

With a range of 330 feet and 8-hour battery life, this wireless system allows for more autonomy. It includes a microphone (either cardioid or omnidirectional), as well as a transmitter and receiver.
Sennheiser Pro Audio

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Also Consider: Alvoxcon Dual Wireless Lapel Mic

Works with Smartphones

This option has a receiver that can be plugged directly into an amplifier to speak to crowds. If you need to plug it into a computer for a presentation, use the included adapter.

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