This year Olympus is celebrating its 100th anniversary and to celebrate the camera company has released a web documentary about the evolution of its camera division.

The promotional video, Olympus 100th Anniversary: A Great Moment, features interviews with a number of Olympus executives and Pulitzer Prize winning National Geographic photographer and Olympus visionary photographer Jay Dickman, all musing about the elements of the brand that make it their prefered camera of choice.

black and white photo strip
Half frame shots from an Olympus Pen. Olympus

There is also tons of footage of vintage Olympus gear and explanations regarding the thought process behind each product. For example, the half-frame Olympus Pen, which allowed people to shoot two pictures on a single frame of film, was Olympus’ way to make photography more affordable for the masses. That camera made it possible to shoot 48 photos on a roll of film with 24 exposures, bringing the cost of shooting and processing way down.

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Olympus has set up a website to commemorate their 100th year in business, which includes an interactive timeline that shows the variety of products that they’ve created over the years for the medical, imaging, and scientific communities.

Check out the video above.