The decisive moment is one of my favorite photography concepts. It involves not only being in the right place, at the right time but also having the reflexes and expert compositional skills to tell a compelling story, one that’s often over as soon as the shutter clicks. 

No doubt the master and pioneer of this technique is Henri Cartier-Bresson, a French photographer who is also considered the father of photojournalism. For this week’s Photo of the Day theme, we’re taking a little inspiration from him—we want to see your best candid photos. 

This week’s theme

All forms of photography are welcome, including film photos, digital snaps, and instant shots. Submissions just need to hold to the core tenets of the decisive moment: right place, right time, and a composition that tells a story.

Of course, luck plays a key. We hope this challenge encourages you to embrace life’s spontaneity. It’s also Wedding Week here at PopPhoto, so any wedding photos that fit the theme will earn extra points.

We can’t wait to see your best shots!

How to enter

To submit, use #popphotooftheday on Instagram or Twitter, or submit to our Flickr pool or (NEW!) Facebook group. If joining the Facebook group, please answer the membership questions and agree to the group rules—this is in an effort to prevent spam.

There are no limits on how many images you can enter, but be sure to tag/upload only your very best shots! Good luck.

More info

For more info on Photos of the Day, including the official rules, head here.