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Back in 1992, film photography was just called “photography” because there really was no other option for typical users. Of course, the market offered a much wider array of different films back then, which ranged from pristine pro stocks to cheap, grainy, color-shifted stocks you’d get at the grocery store. Lomography’s new LomoChrome Color ’92 aims to mimic the latter.

Lomography Color 92 sample shot of a couple
You’ll likely either enjoy or hate the color shift. Lomography

This 400-speed 35mm film stock doesn’t aim for true-to-life colors. The product description promises “clean yellows,” “vibrant reds,” and “fascinating blues.” That last one is worth a chuckle because of just how on-brand it is for Lomography. The Lomochrome series includes other unique color films like Turquoise and Purple, which come with a very heavy color shift. This isn’t nearly as pronounced as those. I also think it’s still more accurate than the Metropolis film stock. But it’s definitely unique.

The sample shots on the Lomography site show very chunky grain, which isn’t surprising from a 400-speed film like this. This is presumably an existing film stock that Lomography has respooled, which is a very common practice in the industry. Dig around on enough forums, and I’m sure you’ll find angry people insisting that they know what film it is and why it’s a travesty that Lomography is selling it. While this stock definitely doesn’t fit my personal analog style, I think it’s awesome that it’s available.

A lomography Color 92 film example of a boy playing bagpipes.
All that grain, especially in the shadows, really lets you know it’s film. Lomography

This is the kind of look that has become extremely popular with younger creators on Tik Tok and other social media networks. There’s a contingent of shooters who want to make it very obvious that they’re shooting film with grain and color shifts. This appears to deliver both in spades. It would look right at home in a reusable compact, an old film compact, or even a 35mm SLR.

Each roll of LomoChrome Color ’92 400 costs $12.90, and it’s currently on pre-order. Lomography says it’s selling through its stock very quickly, so order soon if you want to get it in a timely fashion.