Adobe Creative Cloud Outage

When Adobe first announced their Creative Cloud program, it was met with a fair bit of backlash by users who didn’t like the idea of “renting” software. Since then, the program has been seemingly very successful for Adobe, but today, an outage in the Creative Cloud service has left some users out of luck.

For most users, the outage shouldn’t affect usability of apps like Photoshop and Lightroom. I was able to open them just fine and edit the screenshot you see above, but if you needed to log in to verify your account to get the app working (something that happens from time to time on my computer for seemingly no reason), you won’t be able to use the program itself.

I haven’t seen an official notice from Adobe beyond what’s currently posted on their site, so as of this writing, there’s no real estimate on when things will be back in action.

But, even if users are allowed to edit in their apps, they’re still a bit handcuffed when it comes to using other services in the suite or updating their apps. This, combined with the security breach that happened a few months ago, has some users feeling a little weary of the subscription model. But, Adobe had to know this was a possibility and likely has some safeguards in place.

Does this affect the way you see Creative Cloud?