Blip Smartphone Camera Lenses

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The lenses stick on over the existing camera phone lens Blip

There are several options out there for doing solid macro photography with the iPhone the Blips lenses are a bit different. Currently in Kickstarter mode, Blips are tiny, stick-on lenses that give crazy magnification to the iPhone’s normal camera.

Both lenses are super flat, so much so that the Kickstarter page shows a gif of them being shoved into a normal wallet. But, despite their very tiny size, the lenses make some impressive optical promises.

The Micro version seems truly impressive, claiming to capture details about 1/7000th of an inch in size.

If you factor in digital zoom, the micro lens can give up to 100x magnification Blip

As you might guess, the images don’t look exactly perfect. After all, we’re sticking tiny lens on the front of the iPhone here, not using a super-expensive, pro-grade microscope. But, the results are pretty impressive, and you can get the lenses for a pledge of about $23 US (converted from Euro). For that price, you can’t really complain about soft edges and some distortion.

It seems really cool and, even if they don’t turn out as great as promised, they’re still pretty cheap and let you take pictures that would otherwise require really specialized equipment. And really, that’s what makes a really great Kickstarter.

View the Kickstarter here

The macro attachment isn’t quite as extreme as the micro lens. Blip