We’ll admit, we’ve been pretty spacey around here lately—but not in the actual sense of the word. Between the James Webb Space Telescope’s first enthralling images and a rare planetary alignment, we’ve been spoiled by photographs that are out-of-this-world. And that’s why a theme about sky and space seemed fitting. This week’s winners rose to the challenge and delivered stunning photos of Harvest Moons, galaxies splashed across the sky, stormy clouds, and more. 

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Lead image by Delfino Ramirez. See more work here

Sunset in Kennebunkport

sunset kennebunkport maine
See more of Dennis’ work here. Dennis Racicot

It’s stormy in New England tonight; clouds roll through, a dying sunset fades over yonder. Dennis Racicot photographs a truly tempestuous Maine evening.

Shadows to the edge of night 

winter night sky with stars
See more of David’s work here. David Stilwill

David Stilwill captures the wonder and serenity of a cold winter night, inviting the viewer to tread through the snow and chase the stars, while the comforting glow of home fades into the darkness.

The sky above the dunes

mountains at sunrise
See more of Cash’s work here. Cash Turner

It’s no wonder why pioneers found the West so alluring. Cash Turner photographed this scene at sunrise, when the dunes stand tall and mysterious, shrouded in mist.

Dragon’s post

milky way over Fort Rock Oregon
See more of Joe’s work here. Joe Marfia

Joe Marfia takes us to Fort Rock in central Oregon, where a “dragon” of stars majestically crests above a rock formation. Talk about dazzling.

Lunar eclipse progression 

lunar eclipse
See more of Raymond’s work here. Raymond Choo

To create this image, Raymond Choo combined several images shot over 90 minutes during a lunar eclipse. The result is a beautiful display of the many faces of the moon.

Petrie Island, Ottawa

harvest moon Petrie Island, Ottawa
See more of Paula’s work here. Paula Gallagher Brown

Some photos just fill you with awe. And a Harvest Moon rising over the last of fall’s vibrant display? Paula Gallagher Brown captures nature’s melancholic last song before winter. 

Milky Way

milky way
See more of Richard’s work here. Richard Kinley

If this really is his first photo of the galaxy, then Richard Kinley totally nailed it.