Combining multiple exposures into a single photo is a technique that has been around since the film days when photographers would shoot several frames without advancing the roll. The result is a single picture that blends all of the images. It sounds gimmicky, but the resulting images can be amazing. You can do it in camera or during the editing process, but either method is an easy way to create an intriguing portrait or landscape shot. COOPH teamed up with German photographer Philipp Reinhard to get an inside look at how he approaches this technique.

In the video Reinhard is seen shooting on the streets of Salzburg, Austria with a Leica CL grabbing frames to stitch together in his edit.

multiple exposure landscape
This stunning cityscape was captured by taking multiple images during sunset, which were later blended together in Photoshop. See how the photographer did it in the video above. Philipp Reinhard

The video walks through four different styles of multiple exposure that Reinhard enjoys shooting: double exposure portrait, jarring exposures, multiple exposures, and transition time-lapse. The video also walks though Reinhard’s editing process and includes recordings of his computer screen, which are useful if you are diving into an image stitching edit for the first time.

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Check out all of Philipp Reinhard’s tips and tricks in the video above.