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Good news for film shooters who love a strange film stock. Lomography is relaunching its popular LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400 speed film. Introduced in 2014, Lomography’s turquoise-hued film transforms everyday colors into shades of emerald and turquoise and pushes blue skies to a warm golden/orange color.

The original film stock sold out quickly, and unless you’ve had a brick of it sitting in your freezer, it’s been hard to track down for the last five years. 

Available formats & preorder

A sample image shot on LomoChrome Turquoise film. Lomography

The 2021 LomoChrome Turquoise film still uses standard C-41 chemical developer (so it can be handled by most photo labs). And it will be available in 35mm, 120 (medium format) and, for the first time ever, 110 format. You can pre-order some through Lomography right now. Each format is available for purchase in bundles of 5 or 10 rolls/cartridges. And Lomography expects orders to ship out in June 2022.

It’s worthing noting, there’s limited stock. And considering how quickly the last release sold out, if color-shift film is your jam, we recommend snagging some rolls/cartridges ASAP!

Of course, a film stock that gives your subjects smurf-colored skin isn’t going to be for everyone. But for a certain style of shooter, the weirdness of this film is what makes it appealing. We had a chance to check out the original LomoChrome Turquoise film stock back in 2015 and we can’t wait to see what the 2021 formula looks like.

More Lomochrome Turquoise sample images

Another sample taken with the updated film stock. Lomography

Not sure if Lomochrome Turquoise is quite right for you? Check out the sample images below to see the kinds of results you can get in different scenarios. We personally think the stock works better for landscape photography than it does for photographing people. But we’ll leave that up to you.

Lomochrome Turquoise produces some pretty funky skin tones. Lomography

But you’ll get brilliant golden-orange hues in shots with a lot of sky. Lomography

It’s certainly not a film for everyone or every situation. But there’s no denying it’s capable of some really cool results. Lomography

We’ve requested some rolls of the updated film stock and will share additional samples when we get our hands on them! Lomography