Nikon Releases ViewNX 2.10.0 and Picture Control Utility 2.0.0 With D810 Support

But we're still waiting for the new version of Capture NX-D, which is set to release next week



Nikon has announced new releases for both its ViewNX and Picture Control Utility applications. While both add support for the D810, Picture Control Utility in particular has a raft of new features, and has hit the milestone of reaching version 2.0.

New in Picture Control Utility 2.0 are the following features:

Not only can the application be used from ViewNX 2 and Capture NX-D, but it can now also be installed and launched as a separate, stand-alone application. Support for the D810 has been added. Users can now choose to save Custom Picture Control files in "NP2" format, compatible with the new Picture Control System, or in "NCP" format for use with all cameras that support Custom Picture Controls. The following are possible when "NP2" is selected. Flat can now be selected from the list of Stored Picture Controls. When Manual Adjust is selected, each of the adjustment items can now be adjusted in units of 0.25 for more precise adjustment. A new Clarity item has been added to adjustment items. The adjustment range for Brightness has been expanded to −1.50 to +1.50. The Custom Curve is larger, making it easier to adjust tone curves. The size of the application window can now be adjusted, allowing the area in which the preview image is display to be enlarged. A new Adjustments for Preview function enables adjustment of Exposure Comp. and White Balance. However, adjustments to these settings are not reflected in the Custom Picture Control being created. A Reflect changes on preview check box has been added for before-and-after comparison of the Custom Picture Control on the preview image.

While ViewNX 2.10.0 has theh fairly minor change of adding support for the D810, and shifting from Picture Control Utility to Picture Control Utility 2.0.

Also on the horizon for Nikon shooters is a major revision to Capture NX-D, which is set to be released on July 15, which will hopefully deal with the wide array of complaints that were levied against the first version of Capture NX-D. Combine that with Canon's overhaul of CPP, and it seems that the big manufacturers are putting some serious time and effort into the software side of things.