New Gear: Metabones Speed Booster Hits Another Mount With OM to M43 Adapter

The popular Speed Booster now works with classic Olympus glass

Ever since the Metabones Speed Booster was first announced, it’s been an incredibly hot commodity. The ability to adapt a lens onto a mirrorless body, but also give more light and a wider field of view than a traditional adapter, has made the Speed Booster much desired (and often imitated). Now Olympus aficionados will have another tool in their arsenal, thanks to a newly announced OM to Micro Four Thirds speed booster.

As with other versions of the Speed Booster, this one makes the lenses 0.71x wider than a standard adapter, and will also pull in an extra stop of light. This handy chart (from here) should give you a slightly better understanding of what that means for field of view, depth of field, and effective focal length.


Metabones adapters don’t run cheap however—this will set you back $400, if you can get your hands on one. But if you were a big OM shooter in the film days, this is a great way to bring that classic glass over without losing wide-angles or high speeds.

[via 43Rumors]