polaroid classics

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If you’re a die-hard instant photo fan, you’re probably already intimately familiar with the Impossible Project and their efforts to keep Polaroid photography alive. Their latest project is actually a collaboration with Polaroid and will see the release — or more appropriately, re-release — of six-to-ten classic Polaroid projects.

First up is a limited collection of Original Polaroid Image Instant Film. It will be sold and two-packs and will include product harvested from the final Spectra run, which happened in 2008. The film has been tested by the Impossible Project, so it will actually produce images if you decide to take it out and shoot it (which you definitely should). It will cost $34 per double pack.

The other launch product is the Polaroid Classic “Do-It-Yourself” Paper Camera Kit. While it’s not actually a camera, these little paper replicas represent famous old Polaroid cameras and even have mini faux-photos that you “develop” by rubbing. The kit costs $20.

Both items are available now in the Impossible Project’s online store, but supplies are pretty limited. The rest of the products will be announced over the course of 2012, so we’ll update you when there’s new retro stuff to geek out about. No word yet on whether or not any of the new products will be available in hotel minibars.