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Audio technology company, Rode, has made some impressively small yet high-quality and reasonably priced microphones over the years. That trend is continuing with the company’s announcement of its newest offering, the VideoMicro II. Rode released the original VideoMicro nearly 10 years ago, so it’s nice to see a refresh on this popular product. It promises even more audio quality in an extra compact package, weighing just 1.4 ounces. The small size makes it an ideal way to elevate audio recordings from phones or cameras of all sizes. It retails for an affordable $79.

Audio design of the VideoMicro II



Rode opted for a nearly complete redesign for the second iteration of the VideoMicro. This new version utilizes Rode’s annular line tube technology for natural, full-bodied sound quality. Rode says that it has also reworked the circuitry for more sensitivity but less self-noise, improving sound quality.

The polar pattern has also been upgraded. It has gone from a cardioid polar pattern in the original to a supercardioid in the new version. This new polar pattern allows for highly directional sound that filters out even more background noise. It will pick up what is directly in front of the mic while reducing noise from anything on the side or behind it. That will be a benefit to anyone recording in noisy settings like most public spaces.

Body design of the VideoMicro II

The Rode VideoMicro II is a tiny yet quality on-camera mic.
The Rode VideoMicro II has been fully redesigned. Rode

Perhaps the most obvious change to the microphone is the new HELIX isolation mount system. Rode designed this new shock-absorbing mount in-house, specifically for the VideoMicro II. It fully absorbs knocks, bumps, and general handling, which can cause annoying background noises in recordings. Despite the benefit to sound quality, it is exceptionally lightweight, compact, and unobtrusive. And it provides cable management slots, an attachment for your camera, and a thread for mounting onto a boom pole or other accessories.

Like the original, the VideoMicro II plugs directly into the camera or smartphone, which allows for higher-quality audio. It doesn’t rely on batteries, as it simply pulls power from the device it’s plugged into, which is ideal for those who travel. There are literally no controls on the microphone itself, meaning you can plug it in and get to recording. There’s no fussing with settings whatsoever. And the mic features an all-metal body and premium components, making it rugged and durable.

Who should buy the Video Micro II

The Rode VideoMicro II is the ideal vlogging microphone.
The Rode VideoMicro II is the ideal vlogging microphone. Rode

The simple plug-and-play (or record, in this case) design and low price point make this on-camera mic a fantastic choice for those new to the world of videography or audio recording. It also comes with deluxe foam and furry windshields, a 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable for connecting to cameras, a 3.5mm TRS to TRRS cable for connecting to smartphones, and the HELIX isolation mount. That’s everything you need to get quality audio right in one box, making it an ideal kit for beginners.

The small size makes it an enticing option for anyone who records on the go. It’s small enough that it won’t look overwhelming on a smartphone or compact camera, and you can easily toss it in a bag or even a jacket pocket. And yet it puts out enough quality that it will fit right in on more advanced cameras as well. We fully anticipate this becoming the new go-to shotgun microphone for vloggers or content creators.

Pricing & availability

The Rode VideoMicro II comes with everything you need to get started.
The Rode VideoMicro II comes with everything you need to get started. Rode

The Rode VideoMicro II is available starting today for $79. It is available on Amazon and Adorama.