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If you waited until the last minute to get gifts, it may be too late for physical items to arrive in time. Of course, you could do the classic “photo of the item in a card” move while explaining that it will arrive late. But there are plenty of digital gifts available that will save you the explanation and will still be very appreciated. Lots of these ideas are, no surprise, gift cards. But there are also some subscription services that we love for photographers and would make great gifts.

Gift cards

Sure, gift cards are a bit boring and uninspired. But they are also incredibly useful and frequently more appreciated than a gift that doesn’t quite get it right. Instead of trying to guess what piece of camera equipment someone may need or want, just get them a gift card so they can choose. That way, you won’t get something they already have or pick up the wrong size or type. Plus, you can more easily choose how much you want to spend when getting a gift card, so it’s a win-win.

Editing software

Editing software is a must for photographers and videographers, but it usually isn’t cheap. And many are subscription-based, which adds up. Helping with those costs is sure to be a greatly appreciated gesture.

Presets & LUTs

Editing photos and videos by hand can take lots of time and also makes getting consistent edits more difficult. Presets for photos and LUTs for videos can take lots of the work out of the editing process, saving time and headaches. Plus, they can help develop a consistent style, making your work more cohesive.

Educational content

Educational content is the gift that keeps on giving. While there are lots of free video tutorials available for photography and videography, finding ones that are actually helpful and well done is much more difficult. These courses are excellent and come from sources we trust. And you can find everything from beginner classes on how to set up a camera to more experienced options on how to get better at certain types of photography.

Backup platforms

Photographers and videographers go through memory and hard drive space quickly. And, if they are serious about keeping their files safe, they should be backing things up to multiple locations, ideally to desktop drives at their home or office along with a cloud backup. Redundancy is the best way to ensure all those files will stay intact should something happen. And while a physical drive may not arrive in time for the holidays at this point, a cloud-based backup system is a perfect digital gift.