This week we are celebrating all things analog, which is why we’ve curated a special #PopFollows list featuring some of our favorite film photography-themed Instagram accounts. Below you’ll find a mix of analog-only shooters, prints labs, and a few of our favorite gear shops. Follow these accounts for some inspiration, not to mention, rare/cool camera photos.

Jean Andre Antoine, @Jaaphotos

Jean Andre Antoine is a New York City photographer who specializes in analog street photography. You can regularly find him posted up on the corner of Prince and Broadway capturing beautiful portraits of New Yorkers on instant film. According to Antoine, the finite medium he uses to capture these portraits is ultimately a way to rebel against the age of “unlimited content” that we currently live in. His Instagram account regularly showcases photos of his subjects holding these just-printed, one-of-a-kind frames, along with a behind-the-scenes story about each. If the weather’s nice and you find yourself in NYC, we recommend taking a stroll down Prince and Broadway and commissioning Jean Andre Antoine to make one of his awesome analog portraits.  

Film Camera Tokyo, @Filmcameratokyo

The official Instagram account of a camera shop in Harajuku, Japan is one of our favorites for creating serious gear lust. The account regularly features beautiful analog cameras that the store has for sale, including those from Hasselblad, Leica, Contax, Rollei, Fujifilm, Pentax, and many more. Everything that is featured can be purchased through their online shop—and they ship worldwide. Though we’ve yet to buy anything, we love this account for its beautiful product shots of analog gems and also the fact that it exposes us to cameras that we will likely never spot in the wild. 

Rita Harper, @__rita.p

This documentary photographer from Atlanta, Georgia shoots the majority of her assignments and commissions on medium format film cameras. She’s done work for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, National Geographic, and The Guardian. And her Instagram account features an intimate view of life in both Atlanta and New Orleans, Louisiana. Her portraits are beautiful and her in-depth captions offer additional details about the lives of the individuals she is photographing.


The Instagram account of one of our favorite Brooklyn-based camera shops and print labs offers an awesome mix of inspiring photographers to follow, used film cameras for sale, specialty film news, analog photography memes, and extremely cool photo accessories and apparel (also for sale). It’s also the best way to keep up to date when hard-to-come-by films get restocked and when rare analog cameras become available in-store.   

Jane Pain, @Jane_____pain

Capturing New York City’s gritty underground community one 35mm frame at a time, this is one of our current favorite Instagram accounts. In @Jane_____pain’s feed, you will find plenty of bodily fluids, grimy bathrooms, and scenes from epic parties and house shows that you were probably not cool enough to get invited to. Although the frames featured on this account might not be traditionally “beautiful,” we love the aesthetic. You can almost smell these photos, and we think that’s a good thing.

Ethan Moses, @Cameradactyl

Ethan Moses is one of our favorite analog tinkerers and his account @cameradactyl is where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how he makes his 3D printed cameras and camera accessories—aka “professional toys.” One recent highlight on @cameradactyl includes the process of building and making portraits with a massive 20×24 camera that shoots direct positives to photo paper. He also gives followers insights into repairing prisms, making bellows, soldering camera parts, and complete camera teardowns. If you are the type of photographer who loves seeing how the sausage gets made, this is a great account to check out. 

Chris Cook, @Cook_studios

Chris Cook’s film portraits are tasteful and extremely beautiful. His Instagram feed features a mixture of B&W and color work—some shot in the studio, others out on the streets—ultimately highlighting his eye as a fashion and lifestyle shooter. His captions are typically brief, but occasionally he will share a full contact sheet or keep the edges of his film frame intact, giving some additional insight into what film stocks he’s working with.

Edie Sunday, @ediesunday

There is some beautiful imperfection to be found on Edie Sunday’s feed—the kind of happy accidents that make film photographers fall in love with the medium. Her soft-focused frames often utilize double exposure and camera movement and have cotton-candy-like hues. There’s lots of beautiful self-portraiture to be found on her account and everything feels a bit dreamlike in the very best way.