Listing your Myers-Briggs personality type might be all the rage on dating apps—are you a ISTJ or a ENTP? But there is a new personality based online-quiz that we find a lot more interesting because it’s aimed at creative types.

Adobe teamed up with Always Create and Carolyn Gregoire to launch an online quiz which helps you determine what kind of creative you are—and what types of creatives you might be best off working with.

The 15 question quiz is based in psychology research and through a series of questions about your habits and tendencies it helps determine how you creative brain works. That makes it a lot shorter than Myers-Briggs and also less likely to shatter your view of yourself.

According to the quiz there are eight major creative personality types: The Artist, The Thinker, The Adventurer, The Maker, The Producer, The Dreamer, The Innovator, and The Visionary.

creative types
What’s your creative type? Adobe

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Of course you shouldn’t feel like the results on quizzes like these are meant to put you in a box—that would go against the grain of a quiz aimed at creative types. Adobe says that the results should be seen as signposts rather than a black-and-white label.

Check the quiz out here and tweet us your results.