10 photo projects to try when you're stuck inside

Whether it's a blizzard, a heat wave, or a rain storm keeping you inside, don't give up on your photography

spread of food
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Before every blizzard comes the obligatory, frantic rush to the grocery store, the panicked phone call from your mom, and the impending doom of boredom. Lucky for you, when the snow strikes this weekend, we have a whole list of at-home storm-friendly photo projects to keep yourself (and those around you) occupied. Try them out and let us know how it goes!

Photograph a Wine Bottle

When you polish off your first bottle, try this simple shoot

Shoot a Studio Portrait With a White Backdrop

woman portrait with a white backdrop
Tips For Photography Against a White BackgroundPopular Photography

Have a white wall in your living room or a white sheet and some thumbtacks? Give this a whirl.

Make Your Meal Into a Photo Project

dinner on the table
When boredom inevitably leads to eating all day, turn your meals into photo projects here.Popular Photography

Use Backlight for Photographing Glassware

beer mug
The photographer shot with a Sinar P2 4x5 camera and Leaf Aptus II digital back.Taka Kawachi

Time for glass #2 of your beverage of choice... learn to backlight your brew with this how-to.

Create an In-Camera Double Exposure

double exposure
For her silhouetted portrait, Bryne exposed for 1/1000 sec at f/1.8, ISO 100, and the cherry blossom fill for 1/320 sec at f/8, ISO 100.Sara K. Byrne

Looking at your family sitting around the fire and a beautiful snowy landscape in your backyard? How about combining them with this tutorial?

Get Outside and Embrace the Elements

snow lit woman
Exposure data: 1/60 sec at f/2.8, ISO 100.Rhea Anna

Better yet, step outside into the freshly fallen powder and start shooting after reading this instructive how-to and this.

pringle can lighting modifier

Make Some DIY Lighting Modifiers

It's too cold to take out the trash, so how about turning it into photo gear instead with these DIY projects.Popular Photography

Photograph Some Bubbles

bubble photography
Satoshi exposed the bubbles at 1/60 sec and f/16, ISO 50. He prefers mid-range apertures (f/11–22), which he considers the sharpest when shooting digital.Satoshi

When it's finally time to get ready for bed with a warm bath, consider using your soap for more than just hygiene with this fun photo project.

Shoot a Hard-Light Portrait

Hard-Light Portrait of woman
By the end of the day everyone starts going a little stir-crazy. Take that energy and use it for creating beautiful portraits with these instructions.Felix Sanchez

Make a Flash Grid From Drinking Straws

Time for that last drink. Consider using the remaining straws for a homemade flash grid with this DIY.

Congrats! You made it through a day trapped inside, and hopefully you have a lot of beautiful photos to show for it.