This Is The Weird Leica Camera Bag Specifically For Carrying the Q Camera

The lens sticks out of the main compartment and nestles into a nook in the flap

Leica Q Day Bag

Leica is a classy company, so their cameras are no strangers to luxury cases, but their new Leica Q Day Bag seems like a bit of an odd duck. I haven’t seen the thing in person, but from the images, it looks like there’s exactly enough room for an iPad, a wallet, a few personal items, and the new Leica Q full-frame compact camera. The odd bit is that it seems the lens of the camera actually protrudes from the front of the main compartment.

Leica Q Day Bag

Of course, they don’t expect you to leave the lens unprotected as you galavant (which is the fancier version of walking) around the city. The top flap has a specifically-placed nook for the lens to nestle. The whole thing is made from premium calfskin.

As cameras get smaller and smaller, camera bag options get more stylish and versatile. However, this one feels a little odd to me right from the start. I’m hoping Leica will let us borrow one of these bags with our review unit so we can get a feel for how practical it is.

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