Video: The Making of a Leica Lens

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By now, we’ve seen plenty of these Mr. Rogers-style “how-it’s made” videos, but they never stop being interesting. The latest entry documents the journey a Leica lens as it goes from raw materials to final product. The video is a lot more stylized and less detailed than the Canon version we shared a couple weeks ago, but it still gives some insight into the meticulous Leica process.

Leica Lenses (English) from leica camera on Vimeo.

Perhaps the coolest part of the whole thing is how many human hands show up in the video. Sure, robots handle some stuff like engraving the serial numbers into the casing, but those etchings are then hand-lacquered. Humans do the grinding, painting, cementing, testing and plenty of other steps in the process we might otherwise expect to be done by a bot.

So watch, drool, and get a little more context for the next time you get sticker shock when checking out Leica lenses at the camera shop.

From: HypeBeast