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This month Lightroom Classic, the Lightroom app, and Adobe Camera RAW are getting some pretty exciting updates that will speed up workflow for the photographers that rely on the programs to get the job done. Here’s what is new inside each of the programs:

Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw

It’s now easier to configure the develop settings of RAW images—previously images defaulted to Adobe Color when they were imported—by clicking on Preferences > Presents. From here you will be able to choose Camera Settings, Adobe Color or create your own preset.

importing RAW images in Adobe Lightroom
It’s now easier to control the settings of RAW images when you import. Adobe

These changes can be applied universally or customized depending on camera model and serial number—a helpful tool if you are the kind of photographer that is shooting with a variety of brands. The Camera Settings option will be particularly helpful to photographers that like to use presets inside of their cameras—we see you Fujifilm shooters!

The update also supports Large Document Format (.psb) files—a digital format that is favored by panorama shooters. The max dimensions of these files is 65,000 pixels or 512 megapixels.

The new release has full GPU acceleration for Lens Correction and Transform adjustments. Enhance Details now utilizes external GPUs on machines running macOS10.15, which means faster image processing.

Editors now have the ability to choose which monitor to use as a secondary display. The new setting appears automatically in the monitor that has better resolution and color calibration settings.

auto-sync on images in Adobe Lightroom
The new program has made it a lot easier to see when Auto-Sync has been enabled on images Adobe

The notifications that appears when Auto-Sync is enabled has become more visible, making it difficult to unintentionally batch edit a set of images.

Lightroom App

Lightroom for Windows and Mac now allows users to export files as a DNG format. The app also features improvements to shared albums and Photo Merge for HDR and Panorama processing.

Inside Lightroom for Android users have the option to import existing image presets—Adobe says the feature will be coming to the iOS app very soon.

Split screen view is now available in the iPad version of Lightroom. The new feature makes it possible to do things like read tutorials online while editing your images.