Skywall 100 Drone Bazooka

A while back, an ammo company made waves by offering shotgun shells specifically designed for taking drones out of the sky. Now, a British company called Openworks Engineering has taken it a few giant steps forward. The new Skywall 100 bazooka fires a smart projectile with a net that captures a drone and drags it to the earth.

The video is rather bananas, showing an operator holding the device that really is bazooka-like. It looks like an RPG and one of those massive camcorders from the 1980s procreated. The Skywall’s projectile is guided by the device, which uses a special viewfinder to lock onto a drone that’s either flying or hovering.

Once the projectile gets near the drone, it blasts open exposing a net that grabs onto the UAV and brings it down without obliterating it the way a typical projectile would.

It has a range of up to 100 yards and will reportedly be commercially available, so if you’re personally worried about UAVs and drones invading your space, you will probably actually be able to own one. Hopefully there’s a built-in safety mechanism to prevent ornery home owners from using this on the annoying kid that lives next door.

Necessary note: It’s probably illegal to shoot down a drone, so if you buy this or any other thing meant to take down drones, you’ll end up on the wrong side of the law.

From: Ars Technica