"His face was the first thing I noticed," Koraweski says, "so expressive and beautiful in it's own way. It was like an open book. You could almost read his life story from the wrinkles.". Michał Koralewski

Yesterday the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAwards) announced the winners of their 8th Annual contest, and there are some great images worth checking out.

Michal Koralewski of Poland was named first place iPhone Photographer of the year for a street portrait of an accordionist in Warsaw. David Craik of the United Kingdom came in second place for an image of two starlings grabbing crumbs from a table along the UK’s coast. Yvonne Lu of the United States was awarded third place for an image she captured of a sleeping couple on a train.

Check out some of the winning images in the gallery below.

2nd Place, Photographer of the Year

“After the first bird landed and I saw the shadow on the white wall behind it. I knew this was a great image to be captured. Now it was just a case of operating the iPhone properly and finding the best composition.”

3rd Place, Photographer of the Year

“The couple looks like they don’t need anything else in the world. I also found the romantic, vintage feel very entrancing. The two looked as if they could be coming back from a movie set.”

1st Place, Abstract

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1st Place, Animals

1st Place, Architecture

1st Place, Children

1st Place, Flowers

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1st Place, Food

1st Place, Landscapes

1st Place, Lifestyle

1st Place, Nature

1st Place, News/Events

1st Place, Others

1st Place, Panorama

1st Place, People

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1st Place, Portrait

1st Place, Seasons

1st Place, Still Life

1st Place, Sunset

1st Place, Travel

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1st Place, Trees

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