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Canvas print service will help you easily create stunning art pieces from your photos. These distinctive objects offer unique texture and depth that help them stand out from other types of prints Plus, canvases look excellent with or without a frame, making them a bit more versatile than standard flat images. So whether you are looking to turn one of your own photographs into a canvas work of art or want to buy an image created by someone else, we picked some of the best canvas print services for you.

How we picked the best canvas print services

The editors and writers at Popular Photography have decades of photography experience in just about every genre and aspect of photography. When choosing the websites in this list of best canvas print services, we looked at a selection of important features for print companies. When applicable, the quality of inks, canvas material, and frame materials were all factored in. We also looked at the quality of construction and how that balanced with the price and shipping times. Lastly, we considered the different options for customization and services offered.

The best canvas print services: Reviews & Recommendations

Best overall: CanvasPop



Why it made the cut: Between a wide range of sizes (including custom sizes), retouching options, and a free digital proof, CanvasPop is the most well-rounded option for canvas prints.

Key features

  • Standard delivery time: 10-14 days after approving proof
  • Size range: custom and preset sizes from 8-72 inches
  • Retouching services: Yes


  • Extremely customizable
  • On-site image editing
  • Free digital proof


  • Ordering and delivery time is slower due to the proof approval process

As the best canvas print service overall, CanvasPop is a popular option for canvas prints, and rightly so. They have extensive opportunities for customization, including fully custom sizes between 8 and 72 inches, 0.75 or 1.25-inch depths, three frame choices, and built-in filters if you want to edit your image on their website. You can also pay extra for a few different retouching services. 

CanvasPop prints on museum-quality archival canvas, which is water and fade-resistant. The colors will hold up over time, making your canvas look stunning for longer. CanvasPop also has a “Love it for Life Guarantee” and will refund or reprint depending on the issue.

Best quality: MixBook



Why it made the cut: Mixbook canvases have excellent quality and attention to detail. They are available in various premade layouts and formats, allowing you to create the ideal work of art for your wall.

Key features

  • Standard delivery time: 10 business days
  • Size range: 8×10 inches to 24×36 inches
  • Retouching services: No


  • 3D preview to check the layout before ordering
  • Mounted hanging hardware
  • High-quality


  • No advanced retouching
  • Pricier than other options

Mixbook canvas prints are on gallery-quality textured canvas with precise corners, excellent stretching quality to prevent sagging, and finished backing. They have the option of traditional gallery-wrapped canvases, or you can add a floating frame for a more polished look. They also come installed with hanging hardware so you can take it straight from the box to the wall.

The ordering process is straightforward, and they even allow some basic editing like contrast, brightness, and saturation. The edit menu also has some preset filters that you can use, but the options are a bit limited. There is no proof process, but you can check a 3D preview before adding the product to your cart to verify the image layout is correct.

Best budget: Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints


Why it made the cut: Though not as high quality as the other options, the pricing at Easy Canvas Prints is the cheapest option out there.

Key features

  • Standard delivery time: 10 business days
  • Size range: custom and preset sizes from 8-60 inches
  • Retouching services: Yes, but only by phone


  • Frequent sales and low prices
  • Lots of customization options


  • Lower quality
  • Retouching only available when ordering over the phone

Easy Canvas Prints is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable canvas and aren’t as concerned with exceptional, gallery-style quality. The service offers giclee prints on polyester material with a semi-gloss finish. You can choose between 0.75 or 1.25-inch depth with a mirrored edge or three different color options. The mirrored edge isn’t for everyone, but you can see a preview before ordering to help you decide.

Easy Canvas Prints has the largest frame variety of the print services we reviewed, with seven different options. They offer a long list of retouching services, including adding or removing people from group photos, teeth whitening, and photo restoration. However, if you want any retouching services, you need to place your order via phone. 

Best variety: CanvasHQ



Why it made the cut: If you are particular and want to customize almost every aspect of your canvas print, CanvasHQ is your best bet. They have the widest range of sizes, depths, finishes, and frames, so you are sure to create something you love.

Key features

  • Standard delivery time: 20 days
  • Size range: custom and preset sizes from 6-92 inches
  • Retouching services: Yes


  • Extensive customization options
  • Excellent quality
  • Free retouching


  • Long production time
  • Pricier than other options

CanvasHQ is a small, family-owned company that is exceptionally quality-focused. They use commercial-grade inks designed for outdoor use to give the finished pieces maximum durability. Their canvases can be cleaned with a damp cloth because they are so durable. And, they offer a lifetime guarantee from fading as long as your canvas hasn’t been hanging in direct sun. In addition, the canvas material they print on is specifically designed for high-end fine-art use and made in the US.

The list of customization with CanvasHQ canvas prints is extensive. For example, they have the largest size of all the print services we reviewed. You can also choose from five different canvas finishes, which isn’t possible with other print services. Further customization is possible with choices of border color, framing, and image effects. Lastly, they offer free retouching to ensure that your photograph is perfect for hanging on the wall.

Easiest to use: Parabo Press

Parabo Press


Why it made the cut: The extremely simple ordering process and low cost make this an excellent choice for someone wanting a canvas print without any fuss.

Key features

  • Standard delivery time: 9 – 12 business days
  • Size range: 12×12 inches – 24×24 inches
  • Retouching services: No


  • Straightforward, no-frills ordering process
  • Good quality
  • Great customer service
  • Low cost


  • Limited size options and no custom options
  • No retouching services

Parabo press started in 2015 as an app geared toward printing images on your camera roll. This 100% women-run company has expanded its product offerings in the years since and now has a full website with a wide array of print types, including two different canvas prints gallery wrapped and floating frame. You can still order through their app, but only on iPhones. 

The gallery-wrapped canvas comes in six standard sizes, is 1.25 inches deep, and is printed on an archival-quality matte canvas. The floating frame canvas print is available in seven sizes, is 2 inches thick, and uses a satin finish archival-quality canvas. In addition, the frame comes in three different finishes: Oak, Maple, or black. Both options come with hanging hardware to get your piece on the wall quickly. 

Things to consider before buying


Depending on the print service, canvas prints come in a variety of sizes. From small prints to fit on your desk to larger statement pieces, you will be able to find something that fits your space. Most services start with common sizes like 8” x 10” and go up from there. Many offer custom sizes, some of which can go up to seven feet on the long edge. 

You first need to decide where you want your print to live and measure that area. Be sure to leave at least a couple of inches on either side of the canvas from other artworks or the edges of walls to ensure it doesn’t look too crowded. You could also choose to do a gallery wall of smaller canvases instead of one large piece. Diptych canvases, or two canvases that split one image, are also very popular right now. Simply decide the final area you want to fill and divide that in two to figure out what size your canvases should be. 


The depth of a canvas can greatly impact how the final piece stands out—literally. A traditional canvas depth is around 1.5 inches, though there are options out there as thick as 2.5 inches and as thin as 4.5mm. It comes down to preference and the space you intend to hang the canvas. A lower profile is probably the safer bet if you hang the canvas print in a narrow, high-traffic hallway. But, if you want to make a big statement and have a spot where it won’t be in the way, a deep side may be a fun way to go.

Depth can also affect how your crop your image. If you want the picture to wrap all the way around the edges of the canvas,  you’ll need to make sure you crop accordingly so the front doesn’t get awkwardly cut off. 


Canvas prints can vary from fairly smooth to more heavily textured. It depends on the printing service, so you may need to shop around to find one you like. All canvases will be a rather matte finish, though, so they won’t be for you if you prefer high-gloss prints. 

Deciding on a finish comes down to personal preference. However, smoother options will generally fit more modern spaces, and the more textured surfaces are ideal for rustic decor.


As with any purchase, the cost will be a factor. Canvas prints can get quite expensive and will be more costly than traditional prints. And, of course, the price will go up as you get into the larger sizes. Sticking to traditional sizes without customization will typically save you some money if you don’t mind cropping your image a bit to fit.

Retouching services

Some canvas printers will actually punch up your image for you by having a person or software color correct and even retouch your images before they go to print. This service can cost extra, but it can also ensure that your image looks its best on canvas, especially if you’re not using any color management tools on your own. 


Q: How long do canvas prints take to ship?

Shipping times will vary according to the print service and the shipping option selected. You should generally expect it to take about two weeks, but it may be a little more or a little less depending on the vendor and current shipping conditions.

Q: How much does a canvas print cost?

Pricing will vary significantly across the different print services, the size and framing options, and potential shipping costs. Smaller prints can sell for less than $20, while larger,  custom prints can go to $500 and beyond. If you’re trying to save money, you may be able to do so by ordering several smaller prints to fill your wall rather than one or two larger prints. These services also frequently offer considerable discounts, so it’s worth keeping track of a site’s price over time if you have the flexibility.

Q: Which company offers stock photo prints?

Of the options listed above, CanvasPop is the only one that offers stock photos and other artwork. They have a wide range of styles and subject matter to choose from.

Final thoughts on the best canvas print services

Canvas prints are a wonderful way to add color and texture to your walls. If you are looking for a balance between price, quality, and customization, we found CanvasPop to be the most well-rounded option available. With a reasonable number of options to not be overwhelming, a simple ordering process and sensible prices, CanvasPop is the best canvas print service for most individuals.