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Profoto’s A1X speedlite is the follow-up of the Profoto A1, that the company is billing as the world’s smallest studio light. Unlike traditional speedlites, the A1X has a round head that gives a soft and smooth falloff on your subjects. The new lighting tool has a ton of upgraded features, including improved battery life and a faster recycle time. Here is what we know about it.

  • 450 full power flashes per charge
  • 1 second recycling time
  • 20 wireless channel
  • New bright interface
  • AirTTL and HSS
  • A magnetic mount of Profoto light shaping tools
  • LED modeling light
  • Compatible with Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras
  • 6.3 inches long
  • Weighs 1.2 lbs
  • Available now for $1,095
Profoto A1X speedlite used in outdoor portrait shoot
The Profoto A1X in use during an outdoor portrait shoot. Ruby Law

The A1X is $100 more than the A1 that came before it, which we realize is still very high for a speedlite, but Profoto is primarily in the business of making studio strobes and modifiers. The A1 only got 350 full power flashes per charge, has a 1.2 second recycling time, and works across just 8 wireless channels. The A1 was also limited to Canon and Nikon shooters. We’re also guessing it will only be a matter of time until Flashpoint/Godox announces a product that looks similar, but comes at a much cheaper price point.