Polaroid Onestep+

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Polaroid Originals released the OneStep 2 camera last year as the brand celebrated its 80th birthday. While that camera was a tried-and-true analog shooter, the new OneStep+ is a modern version with Bluetooth built-in and a dedicated Polaroid app.

Polaroid Onestep+ angles
Details of the new Polaroid OneStep+ camera. Polaroid Originals

The design of the OneStep+ is very similar to the original OneStep 2, with a few key differences: a new portrait lens that allows users to shoot from only a foot away—that’s within arm’s length for selfies—and a bluetooth button to connect the camera to its app

Although the OneStep+ comes with built-in Bluetooth, you can’t use the camera like a printer and send smartphone photos to it to be printed onto the Polaroid fil— like with the FUJIFILM Instax SQ10 camera—the OneStep+ is designed to be used as a camera.

Polaroid Onestep+ side view
Side view of the new Polaroid OneStep+ camera. Polaroid Originals

Inside the smartphone app, you’ll find functions for remote shooting, self-timer, double exposure, light painting, noise trigger, manual mode and a specially designed scanner for digitally storing your shots. The in-app double exposure function is our favorite so far, you compose using the viewfinder, but trigger the shutter through the app, to create layered polaroids. The remote shooting feature is also quite nice as it allows for self portraits and group shots that aren’t your standard selfie. There is also a whole section of the app featuring interviews with photographers who shoot Polaroid and tips and tricks to get you inspired.

Polaroid Onestep+ composite
The dedicated Polaroid app includes features like double exposure and light painting. Polaroid Originals

The camera is available today for $159.99.

We’ve spent the last few days shooting with the OneStep+ and will be sharing our first impressions about this new camera soon.