Photo: Scott Butner /The Weather Channel.

These final weeks of summer are a great excuse to grab your camera, get outside and capture some of nature’s beauty. If you are looking for some inspiration to jump start your creativity it’s worth checking out the work from The Weather Channel’s recent #ItsAmazingOutThere photo contest.

Last week The Weather Channel announced the ten contest winners of the first-time contest, which recieved over 30,000 photographs. Browse some of our favorite images in the gallery to the right and see work from all 75 finalists here.


The Guardian

Photo: Jason Weingart/ The Weather Channel

Storm Surfer

Photo: Douglass Frierott / The Weather Channel

Cantharophily in Progress

Photo: Michael Goos / The Weather Channel

Star Trails Over Howe’s Lake

Photo: Dustin Goodspeed / The Weather Channel

Lake Summer Storm

Photo: Brook B. Burling / The Weather Channel

Three is Better Than One

Photo: Corey Bernas / The Weather Channel

Fire Above, Fire Below

Photo: Scott Butner /The Weather Channel

Hurrying Home at Port St. Joe Florida

Photo: Joan Harlow / The Weather Channel

An 8 Meter Whale Shark Glides Through a School of Jacks

Photo: Max Taylor / The Weather Channel

Littlest Adventurer

Photo: Nicole Bischsel / The Weather Channel

Man Vs Nature

Photo: Evan Hasley / The Weather Channel

Wave Riding in the Baja

Photo: Thomas James Checkley / The Weather Channel