Reflection gallery

Photographers have a love/hate relationship with reflections. Sometimes, they add a powerful compositional element, offering mystery and symmetry to a frame that would be otherwise stock. Other times, they ruin everything, causing flare and blocking subjects from proper exposure.

So, when our readers turned out such a strong collection of reflection images, we were truly impressed. The gallery is predictably heavy in the landscapes department, but there are a few portraits and abstract images as well.

If you’re looking for some tips on making your own reflection images, definitely check out this tutorial. Then head over to our Contests page and see what prizes your photos can win you this month.


Window View

By Scott Olsen I was on a layover in London a few years ago and out the window of the airport hotel I had this view.

A New Language

By Jeffrey Reedy This is a fallen limb in our local lake. When I spotted this, it appeared as more than a limb but more as a symbol. The more I see this picture the more it seems to say.


By Eric Lenington Canal shot in the Amsterdam Red Light District, Summer 2011.


By Lynn Adams his was at the end of our shoot. We saw the water feature and decided to use it. We did not edit the reflection.