We’re back with another impressive showcase of readers’ photos. This week’s gallery is a potpourri of eye-catching shots, including a dramatic portrait of Sicilian sheep, an awesome aerial of Montreal, and lots of natural wonders.

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Lead image by Marc Vidal, see more of Marc’s work here.

Sicilian sheep

Sicilian sheep in black and white.
See more of lillo work here. lillo

First up, we have this portrait of some seriously majestic sheep, captured by Flickr user Lillo, “somewhere in Sicily.” I really love the composition and the monochrome treatment works exceptionally well here. It almost looks as if these fluffy subjects are posing for the camera—if only I could get my family photos to look this good.

A foggy reflection

A foggy lake and tree.
See more of Kevin’s work here. Kevin Povenz

Here’s one that would’ve fit perfectly into last week’s gallery of tranquil imagery. Kevin Povenz captured this peaceful waterscape in Western Michigan and it’s beautifully composed. The open space to the right of the tree gives the image a nice sense of balance. Kevin also used a slightly slow 1/5-second shutter speed to help smooth the surface of the water. Nice work.

Perspective in monochrome

A monochrome image of rocks and the sea.
See more of Crystine’s work here. Crystine J

Next up we have this stunning monochrome beach shot, captured by Crystine J. The B&W treatment works epically well here. And by using a wide-angle lens and shooting from a low angle, Crystine was able to create a truly intriguing sense of perspective. The silhouetted person in the distance looks almost like a toy placed atop the rock.

A sun-kissed fern

A sun-kissed fern.
See more of Greg’s work here. Greg Reed

The lighting in this shot, photographed by Greg Reed in Montao, North Carolina, is gorgeous—as is the composition. Those out-of-focus red and purple leaves frame the sun-kissed fern perfectly. And the contrasting colors really make the whole image pop.

Yosemite waterfall ‘spraybow’

A waterfall rainbow at Yosemite National Park.
See more of Jeff’s work here. Jeff Berkes

Here’s an image you certainly don’t see every day. Jeff Berkes photographed this waterfall rainbow, aka a “spraybow,” at Yosemite National Park during the annual Fire Fall display. And wow is it cool! If you have a moment, take a look at some of Jeff’s other work, because this dude has a serious eye for cool landscape photography.

Pileated Woodpecker 

A Pileated Woodpecker
See more of Larry’s work here.

Finally, we have this super-sharp shot of a Pileated Woodpecker captured by Larry Gambon in a “swampy area of Florida.” While I don’t ordinarily care for Woodpeckers—one terrorized by bedroom wall as a child—this one is particularly beautiful. I find its red-feathered “cap” endearing. And Larry’s use of a somewhat shallow depth of field nicely isolates the subject from its background.