Contests photo

Award-winning wildlife photographs usually feature a majestic elk set against a backdrop of lush trees or a regal lion captured during golden hour, but let’s face it, animals also do plenty of things that are less awe-inspiring and simply make humans laugh. There are hundreds of Instagram accounts out there that seem to exist for this sole purpose. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awardstakes it a step further. The awards were founded in 2015 by wildlife photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks as a way to celebrate the hilarious frames they sometimes captured while out shooting.

Now in its fourth year, the 2018 entries didn’t disappoint. “This competition has gone from hilarious to utterly ridiculous humor—all provided to us by these fantastic animals,” co-founder Tom Sullam said in a statement.

The 41 finalists were announced last month and there are some true gems in there: a face-palming grizzly, a smiling lion, and some dancing Komodo dragons. The overall winner will be announced on November 15 and will be invited on a one-week safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya with Alex Walker.

These are some of our favorite images that were shortlisted for the grand prize.

Want more hilarious animal photos? You’re in luck. The second edition of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards book was released just last week. Check it out here.

Penguin pointing. Achim Sterna
Big mouthed seal. Amy Kennedy
Moose sticking out tongue. Barney Koszalka
Bear with a sore head. Danielle D’Ermo
One owl yawning while other looks bored. Danielle D’Ermo
Squirrel balancing on lupins. Geert Weggen
Bear on drive safe sign. Jonathan Irish
Rhino with peacock backside. Kallol Mukherjee
Squirrel saying STOP. Mary McGowan
Hippo biting mum’s bum. Michael Lane
Happy smiling lions. Muriel Vekemans
Big eyed stag. Robert Adamson
Komodo dragons doing the tango. Sergey Savvi
Three bears up a tree. Valtteri Mulkahainen