Not the Nikon D5

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Nikon D5s DSLR Announcement
This is not a picture of the Nikon D5. There are no pictures of the Nikon D5 yet.

If you’re a Nikon shooter and you excitedly clicked on this link expecting details about the company’s upcoming flagship DSLR and speed lights, you’re going to be a bit disappointed. Nikon has announced that they are making a D5 DSLR as well as an SB-5000 speed light, and a WT-6 Wireless Transmitter. And that’s about all the details we’ve got so far.

I’ll put the full press release at the bottom of this post so you can search for hidden clues encoded into its text like you’re Nicolas Cage in National Treasure.

So, while I’m typically diametrically opposed to rampant speculation about cameras that don’t actually exist yet, it seems like Nikon is encouraging it in this case, so have at it in the comments. Here are some questions I’m going to be curious about for the new stuff:

  • Will it still have a QXD memory card slot like the D4s or has that format’s relative lack of momentum cause them to switch to something else?

  • Will it follow the current trend of high-resolution DSLRs, or will they continue to try and strike a balance between speed, image quality, and resolution?

  • Will the new flash and wireless trigger work on radio rather than infrared? It only seems logical sine Canon seems to be having some success with their RT system.

  • How hilarious is it that there’s already a Google listing for Ken Rockwell’s “review” of the Nikon D5?

  • Will the D5 have 4K Video?

So, there you have it. Speculate away. Here’s the press release: