Powerful photo and video lights have traditionally been relatively bulky, but Westcott has brought a new continuous light to the market that changes that. Wescott claims that its new L60-B 60W Bi-Color COB LED is 20% smaller than any other Chip-on-board LED currently available. COB represents the current state of LEDs, which offer some efficiency and performance advantages over older models. It’s a versatile light perfect for photographers and videographers who want to keep their kits light.

Size & design

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The back of the Wescott L60-B has a small LCD screen for precisely adjusting settings. Westcott

At just 3.2 x 3.2 x 5.5 inches and weighing only 1.45 pounds, it’s roughly the same size as most full-frame cameras. The lightweight metal housing is heat-resistant and durable. The back has a small LCD display and two multi-function dials that allow you to change brightness, color temperature, and even use some special lighting effects like simulating a fire or a flickering TV. 

It comes with an AC power adapter, but if you want to use it on the go, you can purchase NP-F or D-Tap batteries separately. The light utilizes Westcott’s mini light mount adapter, enabling you to use any Westcott Rapid Box Switch Light modifiers under three pounds. Or you can also use the native umbrella mounts, snoot, diffusion dome, or gel.


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The included 45-degree Ultra Reflector provides 15,000 lux output at one meter. Westcott

The small size of the Wescott L60-B does not result in small power. The 60-watt bi-color light can put out 2,700 lux at one meter with no modifiers. And with the included 45-degree Ultra Reflector, you’ll get 15,000 lux at one meter. And it allows you to shoot up to 1,000 frames per second without any flickering, which is handy for video work.

App connectivity & controls

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You can control settings on the back of the light or in the Westcott app. Westcott

You can, of course, change settings on the back of the light, or you can take advantage of the Westcott StudioLink mobile app and adjust everything right from your phone. That’ll make it much more convenient to adjust while shooting, as you won’t have to run back and forth to the light. It also means you can easily update firmware and control multiple lights simultaneously. 

Though it’s a bright light, it is dimmable, so you can choose the power you need. The temperature is also adjustable from 2,700 to 6,500K. There are nine built-in effects, allowing you to simulate flickering fires, TV Screen flickers, faulty light bulbs, pulsing, paparazzi flashes, SOS signals, headlights, lightning strikes, and emergency lights. Each preset is also fully adjustable, making this a very customizable setup.

Who’s it for?

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Though a constant light, it also works well for photographers. Westcott

As constant light, the Wescott L60-B is ideal for videographers, filmmakers, and any content creator working with moving images. However, it is versatile enough to also be used for still photography applications. The highly portable design is perfect for those on the go, shooting on location, or anyone wanting to keep their kit small and light. 

Pricing & availability

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The light comes with a travel case for convenience. Westcott

The new Westcott L60-B 60W Bi-Color COB LED Video Light will cost you $269.90 and includes the 45-degree Ultra Reflector, light mount adapter, AC power adapter, COB cover, Rapid Box Switch Insert, and travel case. Or you can get the one-light ($449.90) or two-light kit ($699.90), which includes the Rapid Box Switch Octa-S and a backpack. And finally, for $849.90, there is a three-light kit, which also includes the backpack though no light modifier.