The Insta360 X3 camera is a fantastic tool for creating unique 360-degree content, even when underwater. And while the X3 is waterproof to 33 feet without housing, if you wanted to go deeper or simply wanted extra protection, you had to settle for a dive case that limited the use of the immersive camera. But now, Insta360 has announced its Invisible Dive Case, which enables seamless 360 underwater capture with no obstructions. Here’s what you can expect from the new underwater housing.

Two underwater photos of a snorkeler and turtle taken with the Insta360 X3, one with the dive case blocking the view.
The old dive case resulted in part of the view being obstructed by the case itself, while the new case is totally obstruction free. Insta360

Invisible Dive Case details

Insta360 already offered an underwater dive case for its X3 action camera, but it limited how you used the 360-degree videos and photos. The primary issue was that the case was visible at the bottom of the shot, in an area known as the “nadir,” when shooting 360-degree footage. That meant that you either had to deal with the obstructed view or rely solely on single-lens content when diving with the case. It also wouldn’t result in the invisible selfie stick that is possible on land.

The new Invisible Dive Case, however, features a new, optimized design that results in better light transmission. Insta360 says that this results in “no obstruction in the nadir,” meaning you won’t be able to see the case even in 360-degree photos and videos. Plus, just like in footage on land, the selfie stick is automatically removed, making it completely invisible.

Insta360 Invisible Dive Case
The Invisible Dive Case is relatively slim, making it ideal for travel. Insta360

The new case should allow for crystal clear 5.7K 360 video underwater with zero obstruction. It is IPX8 rated to 164 feet, making it possible to use the camera even when scuba diving. The case resists fogging but comes with anti-fog inserts to keep the lens clear. It opens up a lot more possibilities when filming underwater, allowing for epic, immersive underwater content with lots of flexibility when editing.

Along with the case, Insta360 has provided a new Dive Case mode on the X3 that allows for easy operation with only two buttons.

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Invisible Dive Case pricing & availability

The Insta360 Invisible Dive Case is available as of today. You can buy the case on its own for $99.99. Or you can also get the Invisible Dive Kit, which includes the Insta360 X3, Invisible Dive Case, invisible selfie stick, and a floating hand grip.