Wedding photography is undeniably one of the most—if not the most—important investments a couple makes on their big day. Though the first dances, toasts, and wedding cake won’t last forever, the wedding photos will. So, it’s understandable that there are demands for perfection.

One good-natured Pennsylvania bride, however, was shocked to discover her wedding photos contained something far from perfect: “crazy eyes” poorly Photoshopped onto the faces of guests who blinked.

A Photoshop job gone awry

Newlywed Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford recounts reviewing the gallery before giving the photographer the OK to release it to family and friends. That’s when things got weird. 

“A lot of the photos were gorgeous, until I came across a photo of me and my bridesmaids, and I noticed something odd…I blew up the photograph and I couldn’t believe my eyes, quite literally because they were photoshopped on HER face as well as my own,” she shares.

Instead of busting into a bridezilla—which would have been pretty darn understandable, given the situation— Ramos-Bridgeford instead had a good laugh.

bad photoshop job swapping eyes at a wedding
Ramos-Bridgeford said she burst out laughing while previewing her wedding photographs. Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford

“I burst out in laughter because I have never seen such a thing,” she tells PopPhoto. “It was uncontrollable.”

After sharing it with her family and friends, who also descended into hysterical laughter, Ramos-Bridgeford contacted her photographer. It turns out, he was baffled. The “crazy eyes” were the handiwork of a third-party editing service, which had replaced blinking subjects’ eyes with…any eyes they could find, apparently.

The photographer, who was professionally trying not to laugh with her over the phone, reverted the images back to their original, blinking state. Far from being angry, Ramos-Bridgeford is reveling in the joy the mishap is spreading across the Internet. 

“I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. Literally gasping for air. How could you truly be angry at something so hilarious?”

Going viral 

Ramos-Bridgeford posted the photos to her TikTok and Facebook accounts on Wednesday and woke up a viral sensation with 1.5 million views and thousands of comments. Though a shock, the extrovert was tickled that her story had reached so many. 

“For someone who has less than 100 followers and never passes 10 likes I was baffled yet excited. I’ve always wanted to become ‘viral’—not necessarily in this way, ‘The Crazy Eyed Bride,’ but I am so happy I was able to give the world a good laugh. I know I need it myself,” she says. 

Now, they’re just waiting for Ellen to call. 

“I think my friends and family are as shocked as me. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. We’re just waiting on a call from Ellen! That would be a dream. My dad keeps calling me and asking ‘Has Ellen contacted you yet?’ ‘Any other interviews?’ ‘Anaya you’re famous!’ I am very extroverted so I am loving the attention; my poor husband on the other hand is so shy and introverted. Still, we’re very shocked at all this!”