sigma aizu

Back in 2012, Sigma released a five minute YouTube video showing off its factory in Japan, interspersed with images of the nearby countryside, and with a gentle soundtrack. Now the company has released “Sigma Aizu, Chaper II”, taking us back to its plant.

Again, it’s a five minute long, incredibly peaceful look at the factory’s work, with cuts to the wilderness breaking up the shots of the construction going on inside. We’re willing to bet that actually being inside the factory is probably a much louder experience than the rather mellow soundtrack of the video would have you believe. But it’s still a fascinating look at some of the work that goes into Sigma’s much loved products.

We would really like a bit more information about what’s going on in each scene, though. Maybe optional captions that show what they’re working on for each step, so that you can get a feel for just what these workers are spending their hours working away on.

[via PhotoRumors]