adobe beginner video

Picking up Photoshop as a new users can be hugely overwhelming—it’s an immense program that with every successive generation adds even more content to the mix. The complex controls (which make this sort of thing seem like an almost viable alternative), and confusing tool set can be a bit much for new users. However, Adobe’s Terry White has put together an excellent 45 minute video showing you how to accomplish “10 Things Beginners Want to Know How To Do”

Obviously, this isn’t aimed at expert users, and even an intermediate user might find some of the content a bit redundant. But someone just starting out will probably find them invaluable—and the rest of us might just pick up a new method or two along the way, too.

The video runs through a gamut of useful tools, like spot correction, layers and adjustment layers, cropping, fixing exposure and white balance, content aware fill, and more. So if that sounds like something you’d like to learn, carve yourself out a block of time, and get yourself an education.