Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard

When I took digital photography editing back in college, one of the tasks we were given was to memorize most of the important Photoshop shortcuts. I still remember the ones I use often, but many of them have faded in my memory. Now, there’s a Kickstarter project that hopes to make all those key combo shortcuts obsolete. And it looks absolutely insane.

The Shortcut-S actually has 319 keys and uses overlays specific to the program with which you want to use it. Right now, they’re focusing on Photoshop, but in the future, they plan to roll out different schemes for other programs.

The keys are color-coded and grouped in specific shapes to makes specific tasks easier to find and reach. The whole thing looks rather intimidating, but there are some common Photoshop tasks that could stand to be simpler. Save for Web, for instance, was a little awkward when I first started. I’ve done it enough now that it’s burned into my brain, but I can see the utility here.


Of course, specialty keyboards are nothing new. Video editors have had program specific keyboards for quite some time for programs like Final Cut Pro and Avid. Video gamers do the same. But this one is massive and meant for photographers, so it has us intrigued.

The goal to get this thing produced is $185,280, and as of writing, they’re nowhere close, but they have 48 days to go, so they may make it in the end.

If you want in on one (and it makes its goal) you can get one right now for $89 until they sell out. Then it goes up to $109 eventually, plus $28 shipping. If you pledge $9,000 or more, you get to go to Transylvania, home of the Shortcut-S keyboard and participate in special activities. You have to really love shortcut keys to take that option.

What do you think? Does this make things easier or is learning the layout of a 319 button keyboard make things even more complicated?